Strong & Calm: Resilience 101


Being resilient means you can bounce back from difficulties;

persevere through ongoing challenges (such as COVID 19) and

more effectively manage stress & navigate change

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Cultivating the main components of resiliency:

gratitude, compassion, acceptance, meaning and forgiveness.

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When: 6:15 – 7:20 PM EST

5 Thursday evenings: Starting May 2022

Limit: 8 participants (**LIMTED SPOTS AVAILABLE**)

Cost: $199 +HST (for 5 sessions)

Materials: Pen and paper (or journal if you wish) AND your CURIOSITY! ☺

Sessions led by Michele Cadotte, Registered Psychotherapist
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Be supported along the way…

I invite you to join one of our experiential psycho-education group focused on building resilience – our ability to bounce back in difficult times.

We will support each other in acquiring some resiliency knowledge, skills and tools which offer us a way to better manage stress, cope with difficulties and find more joy in our daily life. 

We will PRACTICE together as a group and I will invite you to set some personal commitments outside of our sessions because if we want to feel differently, we have to practice something different!

Experts identify 5 key components of resiliency:






We will explore these together as we combine them with mindfulness-based practices to support the life changes you want to make.  You will be invited to set intentions for yourself, reflect on your learning and share your experiences with the group according to your level of comfort.  Everything is an invitation! 

Materials: Pen and paper (or journal if you wish) AND your CURIOSITY! ☺

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What to expect each week….

The general format will be as follows:
Informal check-in and sharing 5mins
Mindfulness Practice (warm-up) 10mins
Check-in / Intention

Teachings for the session around resilience and the application of mindfulness
Practices related to the theme of resilience and the practice of mindfulness
Reflection & sharing around teachings and practices
Applying the above to your everyday life and personal goal or intention

Closing (Reflective) Practice 5mins
Check-out / Takeaways / Intentions / Commitments 5mins
Invitation to set an intention for the week and to PRACTICE something different
(Between sessions) Invitation to respond to reflection questions

We know the more self-compassionate we are the greater our ability to bounce back from tough times. Now’s the time to grow self-compassion. It’s doable, yes even for you!

  • Introduction to the follow 5 components of resiliency: gratitude, compassion, acceptance, meaning and forgiveness.
  • Learn practical tools for managing daily stress.
  • Practice a variety of mindfulness tools such as mindfulness of breath.
  • Have opportunities to share your challenges and to be supported as you start something new.

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“The most difficult times for many

of us are the ones we give ourselves.”
Pema Chodron

We will walk with you one step at a time!

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